CBD Chocolate Edible: Therapeutic CBD Chocolate (Three Flavors)

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Therapeutic CBD Chocolate Edible

  • 60 mg CBD per bar
  • 15 mg of CBD per piece
  • 4 pieces per bar
  • Artisan chocolate
  • Hemp CBD edible
  • 3 flavors:
    • Caramel Milk Chocolate
    • Raspberry Cinnamon Dark Chocolate
    • Peach Hazelnut White Chocolate

It’s true that often a CBD chocolate edible doesn’t list its potency, presumably because it doesn’t contain much CBD. This one is not only strong, but it is delicious and a wonderful texture!

This CBD chocolate edible is available in three yummy flavors. If you love dark chocolate, the raspberry cinnamon dark chocolate will definitely please you. Perhaps you prefer milk chocolate; the caramel milk chocolate bar is delicious. If chocolate isn’t normally your thing, but you do enjoy white chocolate, then the peach hazelnut white chocolate bar will excite you!

The chocolate will come with some variations and blemishes. This is normal. We even think it’s cool looking! It comes in a resealable back to help keep it fresh. They are shipped in a cold pack to ensure they don’t melt during transport. 

For a list of ingredients, please select the flavor you are interested in and ingredients will be listed.


Carmel Chocolate (Milk), Raspberry Cinnamon (Dark), Peach Hazelnut (White)


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