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CBD Coffee – Green Roads Cannabidiol Coffee (500mg of CBD)

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CBD Coffee – Green Roads Cannabidiol Coffee (500mg of CBD)

  • 16 oz
  • 500 mg of CBD total
  • Same strength as smaller bag of our cannabidiol coffee
  • Milligrams per serving varies upon how strong the consumer makes their cup
  • Columbian-based
  • Full spectrum
  • No THC

This CBD infused coffee contains high quality, responsibly sourced coffee beans. The coffee beans are freshly blind-roasted and naturally infused with solvent-free, full spectrum Cannabidiol extract.

The CBD coffee stems from roasting a Colombian-based coffee, soaked in full spectrum CBD. Our CBD infused coffee contains rich and bold coffee beans, pharmaceutical-grade Cannabidiol. It contains no THC.

CBD and coffee have been shown to go really well together. The CBD in the coffee provides for a calmer “pick me up” and mellows the jitters you may get when you drink coffee. It also prolongs the effects, so it is wise not to drink it before bedtime (unless it is decaf CBD coffee).


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