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CBD Gum Crafted by MedCBDX (8-Pack, 80 mg of CBD)

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  • 8 pieces of gum in a pack
  • 80mg CBD
  • 10 mg CBD per piece of gum
  • Cool mint flavor

First of all, this CBD gum is designed to be absorbed quickly to provide maximum benefit without the complications or discomforts that you may experience with other supplements. In addition, this gum has a tasty mint flavor and is a nice texture.

We have found CBD-infused hemp oil chewing gum to be a unique way to enjoy CBD. One thing that is exciting is that this CBD gum is formulated with a proprietary method of adding active ingredients to a powdered gum base. After that, it is tableted using direct compression. As a result, this proprietary process creates a CBD-infused gum that has complete consistency in every piece.

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