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CBD Pain Cream — Green Roads TheraGreen 150MG Topical

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CBD Pain Cream — Green Roads TheraGreen 150MG Topical

  • CBD Topical Pain Cream
  • 150 mg CBD
  • Pharmacist Formulated

Why let stiffness, joint pain or muscle aches hold you back? Muscle fatigue from sports and past injuries should never prevent you from doing what you love. This pain cream is formulated by a licensed pharmacist with 20 years experience.

Hemp has been used for thousands of years, and in the beginning scientists didn’t know why it helped. Now, modern day science can tell us why it works. Hemp produces compounds called cannabinoids (actually phytocannabinoids, since they come from a plant). These phytocannabinoids help balance your endocannabinoid system when your bodies isn’t producing cannabinoids to do so.

This cream is great for muscular pain, tiredness, or aches and for joint pain, stiffness and arthritis.

1 review for CBD Pain Cream — Green Roads TheraGreen 150MG Topical

  1. Karen S.

    My husband and I have both used this for a number of joint and muscle pains. It works very quickly on his chronic back and neck pain. He would not be without it! And I have found it to work on head pain, as well. We love the scent and creamy feel. And one bottle lasted us an entire year despite daily use. We highly recommend this product.

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