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CBD Wax: CBDfx Raw Wax Dab (Dabbing Pen Not Included)

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CBD Wax: CBDfx Raw Wax Dab

  • 300 mg
  • 1 g = 20 servings
  • 15 mg per serving
  • Full spectrum CBD
  • CO2 extraction
  • Whole plant extract
  • European hemp
  • Made in USA

Because many people don’t know what CBD wax is, let us define that first. CBD wax is a solid form of pure concentrated CBD hemp oil.

This full-spectrum CBD wax dab is a pure hemp oil concentrate in a wax form. It includes essential amino acids and fatty acids. Because it is a full spectrum hemp product, it is also filled with cannabinoids and terpenes. While it is a solid form of hemp, it is also good to know that this CBD raw wax dab can be consumed two different ways: with a dabbing pen or orally. (Dabbing pen is not included.)

It is often confusing to know which CBD product is right for you. Read our blog suggestions to help you.

Instructions for dabbing: First, apply a small amount to the heated coil of a dabbing pen. This allows the heat to vaporize the wax. Then, inhale. This gives you immediate absorption.

Instruction for oral consumption: First, place a rice-sized dab under your tongue and let it absorb for 60-90 seconds. Then, swallow.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Cannabidiol (CBD), Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin


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