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Hemp Topical Cream — Hemp-Eaze: Hemp Root & Honey Body Butter

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Hemp Topical Cream — Hemp-EaZe: Hemp Root and Honey Body Butter

  • 1 oz
  • 100% organic
  • Soy-free

First of all, a touch of honey enhances this hemp topical cream and makes it a natural antiseptic. The hemp root cream has also been known to help with swelling and act as a natural analgesic.

Secondly, the root of the hemp plant has been shown to be beneficial as an anti-septic and analgesic to help infection and sore muscles. Therefore, you can use it for bruises, sore and tired muscles, skin irritations or surface injuries. This hemp topical cream is 100% Organic and soy free.

In addition to the benefits of the hemp root, you are also getting anti-septic qualities from the raw honey which has been obtained from local bees.

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Ingredients: Hemp root, raw honey.


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