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CBD for Horses — KING KALM™ CBD Equine

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CBD for Horses — KING KALM™ CBD Equine

  • 500mg of CBD each syringe
  • Omega-3 Hemp Oil plus CBD
  • 2 Pre-loaded Syringes are included:
    • Suspended in High EFA Hemp Oil
    • Maximum Potency
    • Pharmacist Compounded
    • Highly Concentrated CBD
    • Pre-Loaded Syringe for easy delivery
    • Natural flavor

King Kanine now has a hemp product for horses: King Kalm™CBD for HORSES.  This formula is made from the highest quality CBD. It is suspended in High Omega-3 Hemp oil and is packaged in two pre-loaded syringes to make it easy to apply.  Each syringe is 500 mgs.

King Kalm™ CBD Equine can be used in the following ways:

  • As an anti-inflammatory for performance horses. This formula can help with stress on the joints and muscles due to jumping, rodeo, dressage and any other equestrian sports
  • To help reduce anxiety (during performance, transport, etc.)
  • To increase energy
  • To assist in decreasing inflammation and thereby decreasing chronic pain
  • To provide relief from pain due to arthritis in senior horses and performance horses


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